Gigamem range

GIGAMEM ® : the new concept for various treatment capacities.

Gigamem modules combine all the benefits of pressurized filtration modules (pressure filtration, high fluxes, easy maintenance and online integrity test) and submerged filtration (replacement of membrane elements only, space saving).

gigamem modules


Gigamem® range is composed of modules working in dead end outside/in filtration mode and offering filtration surfaces of 73 up to 540 m² (786 up to 5,800 ft²).


UF240 module is composed of:

- a 610 mm (24 inches) diameter vessel in stainless steel for fresh water, in composite for sea water or in titanium for chlorinated sea water treatment
- 52 membrane bundles (reference UF2555) to offer a filtration surface of at least 540 m² (5,800 ft²).

Raw water enters the central distribution tube (upper side central connection) of the UF240 standard module and ultrafiltrated water comes out from the 52 bundle superior faces (upper side).

Gigamem UI-240 UF-240


UF80G module is composed of:

- a PVC 225 mm (8 inches) diameter vessel
- 7 membrane elements (reference UF2555) to offer a filtration surface of 73 m² (786 ft²).



- Treatment capacity and compactness
- Competitive investment cost for the modules and for the whole system consisting of GIGAMEM®
- Savings in operating costs: only membrane elements are to replace (vessel remain on site)
- Optimized maintenance with easy handling: the vessel no longer has to be moved once installed on site, only the membrane elements are assembled / disassembled on site
- Savings on pipes and frames: each Gigamem module is self-supported

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