InOMem range

Module Fibres Polymem

The range of modules for fluids concentration or for effluent requiring cross flow filtration.


The InOMem range is composed of modules working in cross flow Inside/Out filtration mode and offers filtration surfaces from 0.23 to 15 m².


Gamme InOMemPolymem offers modules with inside / out filtration in cross flow mode for:
=> Concentration processes: The filter geometry is indeed appropriated when the concentrate is the final product. One of the most common applications is the concentration of suspended solids and micro organisms to reduce the dehydration step. Applications in food, textile and chemical industries, electronics, cosmetics, oil and gas…
=> Clarification, purification and recycling of fluids for which the cross-flow filtration is required due to high concentrations of organic matter (landfill leachate …)

Module sizes from laboratory to industrial plant applications.


- “self cleaning” filtration system to
- High conversion rates and high recovery rates of solute

Product sheets in PDF :