Ultramem range

Module Fibres Polymem


Ultramem range consists of modules working in dead end outside/in filtration and offering filtration areas from 4.5 to 114m² (48 to 1,230 sqft).

Doc polymem 3VApplications

- Drinking water production (NSF approval and ACS) and process water production from fresh water
- Tertiary treatment of wastewater (UF100XL, UF80 and UF120)
- Pretreatment for desalination or demineralization
- Water backwashes from sand filters treatment for swimming-pools

=> For mobile units (UF100L and UF100LL)
=> Pilot units (UF100XL to UF120)
=> Plants from a few m3/h to 100 m3/h (400 gpm) production capacities.


- Compact and cost effective modules: up to 114 m² (1,230 sqft) of filtration area for a 31.5 cm diameter, 93 cm height module (UF120 module)
- Efficient and reliable systems, no risk of irreversible fiber clogging: particles accumulated on the external surface of the membrane during filtration cycles are easily removed during backwash cycles
- Very good permeate quality: suspended matters, bio contaminants, SDI removal
- Easy backwashing with air and less water
- Simple process for minimizing piping and tanks volume thanks to modules with only one inlet and one outlet
- Easy maintenance: short chemical cleaning with few and simple chemicals, easy and fast fiber defect detection and repair (only on one side of the module)

The Ultramem modules range for water treatment have certifications from:
- NSF ANSI-61 (American Public Health and Safety)
- ACS (French Ministry of Health)

Product data sheets in PDF