Launching of a large demonstration plant of the Neophil technology in the WWTP of Ginestous-Garonne in Toulouse Metropole.

Project duration : 20 months

Coordinator : Olivier Lorain (Polymem)

Partners :

  • POLYMEM : Durable hydrophilic hollow fiber membrane manufacturer
  • ARKEMA : Fluorated and amphiphilic block copolymers manufacturer.
  • VEOLIA : Water company operating the WWTP of Toulouse Metropole
  • Institut Européen des Membranes de Montpellier (IEM)
  • Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles de Paris (ESPCI Paris)

The Neophil-2 project is a large demonstration plant trials of the technology Neophil in the WWTP of Ginestous-Garonne in Toulouse Metropole. More than 15 000 liters per hour of secondary clarifier effluent are ultrafiltrated by more than 500 m² of hollow fiber membranes. The treated water will be used for re-use purpose like grass irriguation or for industrial needs.

The project Neophil-2 is second stage of the project FUI Neophil which finished in 2015 with the achieved development of a new generation of durable hydrophilic membranes. Comparing to the existing membranes of the market, Neophil preserves its hydrophilicity all along its entire lifetime (10 years) and thus its fouling resistant and its filtration performances.

The introduction of Neophil on the membrane market is a breakthrough innovation which will allow the French companies consortium to win a wordwide leading position.

The Neophil-2 project is supported by the French Government (Direction Générale des Entreprise) as a strategical project in the new industrialized France.