Services and replacement

In more than 20 years of existence, Polymem has gradually established itself as the only French manufacturer of hollow fiber membranes for water treatment having been able to meet the demands of municipal and industrial markets in several parts of the world and develop suitable products but also by providing a range of services dedicated to the implementation and monitoring of membrane plants.
With a fleet of over 200 referenced membrane facilities, Polymem is now recognized not only for its ability to develop innovative, reliable and economical products, but also for the quality of associated service for the selection of membranes, the sizing, implementation and operation support of membrane units.

Design and manufacturing of standard fiber and modules (Ultramem, Gigamem, Housemem and Inomem ranges), of customized products (Polymem Inside range) :

– Development and optimization of hollow fibers (including polysulfone and PVDF)
– Design of microfiltration and ultrafiltration cartridges
– Definition of tools and methods of manufacturing and maintenance for microfiltration and ultrafiltration modules
– Drafting of quality control procedures and traceability for any work on membrane module

Membrane filtration tests

– Feasibility: Polymem produces membrane filtration processes feasibility testing of effluents (tests performed in the laboratory with specific Polymem micro modules depending on the type of the product and application).

– Pilot tests: Polymem has a park of pilot units equipped with dead end or cross flow ultrafiltration processes, reverse osmosis and/or nanofiltration. The tests on sites allow to determine the optimum operating parameters for the design of future installations.

Design and manufacturing of membrane systems :

– Design of membrane plants for water treatment: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration
– Design and manufacturing of membrane plants: Aquamem standard complete systems, membrane racks and / or custom systems
– Startup of Polymem units and operating people training
– Optimization of water treatment processes on systems with Polymem membranes and other membrane brands
– Repair of microfiltration or ultrafiltration hollow fiber modules (all brands): scheduled repair campaigns in France and abroad on user sites


– Dismantling, analysis, integrity test, repair and autopsy of all types and brands of hollow fiber modules.
– Estimation of the remaining life of membrane modules (all brands)

– Optimization of membrane systems performance: analysis of operating parameters and recommendations for improving conversion rates, cleaning products consumption and energy consumption


Polymem is present on the replacement market of membrane modules in installations with its own membranes but also on facilities with competing membranes, with the unique advantage of Polymem to present the latest generation of membranes, validated and approved for water treatment plants using less energy and chemicals.

Polymem offers ACS and NSF ANSI 61 approved solutions for membrane modules replacement (all brands) which guarantee:
– The required flow, the quality of produced water and the conversion rate
– An economic gain
– A gain in compactness and / or capacity