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The range of modules for the concentration of fluid

Immem range

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The IMMEM range is composed of modules operating in Outside/In suction filtration:

- Modules located outside the bioreactor for a reliable, safe and simple operation
- Hollow fibers in Outside/In suction filtration for a low energy consumption and a low capital costs
- Sequenced aeration of the fibers for an increased efficient filtration and a limited frequency of cleaning

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The Immem modules for wastewater filtration are developed to meet the IMMEM process requirements. Immem is an innovative membrane bioreactor concept from Polymem.




Immem UF120_IO_ImmemApplications

Municipal and industrial waste water treatment in membrane bioreactors: a high quality water for reuse (irrigation…) or for release into sensitive areas.






- Compact Modules for a simple and cheap process
- No health risk associated with handling
- Clean In Place for modules without handling and with only the small volume of the unit for chemical cleaning
- Integrity Test, repair, replacement membranes simplified
- Easy to install on renovation
- Energy consumption limited to biomass (bioreactors) or agitation of the reaction medium, the one used for fiber agitation is almost negligible.


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