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The manufacturer of hollow fibre membranes



Polymem is the French manufacturer of organic hollow fibre membranes for water treatment.

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Hollow fiber

Polymem designs, manufactures and markets hollow fiber membranes in cartridges and modules as well as membrane systems for water treatment.



Polymem the company with 4 I's: Independent Industry operating Internationally and whose vocation is Innovation in hollow fiber membranes.

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The unique concept of GIGAMEM® modules: a vessel in place for the lifetime of the plant and removable ultrafiltration membrane elements.
Polymem is partnering with companies willing to develop an hollow fiber membrane product for their applications. The products thus developed enter the “Polymem Inside” range with white labels products and proprietary membrane modules/cartridges for water treatment, gas separation, gas/liquid transfer ….
NEOPHIL®, the new generation of ultrafiltration membranes, is the only hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane (0.015 μm) with permanent removal efficiency (bacteria / viruses).