Reverse Osmosis membranes

Polymem is the distributor of reverse osmosis membranes in France.

Our experience in the development of membrane filtration systems allows us to offer assistance and know-how in the choice of membranes, the design and manufacture of reverse osmosis systems, nanofiltration and systems combining ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.



The RO membrane elements consists of spiral-wound, thin-film composite membrane elements designed specifically for water treatment applications. The RO membrane chemistry and element construction is designed to provide optimized, low-cost operation for downstream unit applications, like separate-bed or mixed-bed ion exchange units.

Most important applications for industrial water treatment are:

        • Seawater desalination
        • Production of boiler feed water in power stations
        • Demineralization and particle removal in microchip manufacture
        • Water desalination for light industry (car wash, laundries, and marine application)
        • Wastewater treatment, including post membrane bioreactor (MBR) application
        • Groundwater remediation and recharge


Reverse Osmosis membranes Benefits

        • Low salt passage, typically >99,7% rejection at standard conditions in brackish water
        • High flow productivity
        • Improved barrier layer chemistry (lower charge and higher cross-linkage) providing lower membrane fouling rates
        • More stable salt rejection during operating lifetime (as the rejection mechanism is based more on solution diffusion than ionic repulsion)
          Improved organic compound rejection
        • More durable to allow less frequent, more aggressive cleaning