Feasibility Testing


Polymem has, in its R & D laboratory, the human and material resources for feasibility testing.
The objective of the feasibility tests is to study the possibility of an effluent treatment using membrane techniques. The tests are performed in the laboratory with Polymem specific micro modules depending on the nature of the effluent to be treated.

To perform these tests, Polymem must have a few liters of the effluent to be treated, an effluent quality analysis and detailed objectives of treatment (permeate quality to obtain, nature and quantity of the compounds to be retained or concentrated on the membrane, required conversion rate …). Depending on the nature of the effluent and the specifications of the treatment, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and / or nanofiltration or reverse osmosis tests will be proposed.


The Polymem of providing feasibility testing program includes:

– The choice of membrane treatment to be performed: membrane type, cutoff, filtration mode, working conditions (pressure, flow …)
– The preparation of micro-modules (Polymem manufacturing) for carrying out the tests
– The achievement of the tests
– Collection of samples of permeate and concentrate for analysis (analysis out of Polymem supply)
– Interpretation of results
– Test report


Pilot trials

Polymem has a park of pilot units equipped with ultrafiltration (dead end or crossflow), reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes. These units are available for rent or sale for conducting pilot tests on site.

The on sites pilot tests aim to determine the dimensional parameters and optimum operation conditions for the design and operation of future facilities at full capacity.

Polymem offers assistance in selecting the pilot unit suitable for the application, the treatment purposes and project specifications (size, required or available flow for testing …).

The program for Polymem pilot trials includes:

– The choice of membranes and membrane process mode based on the characteristics of the effluent to be treated and treatment goals
– The provision of the adapted treatment unit (to rent or buy)
– Writing the test protocol specifying test phases based on the pilot trial objectives
– A detailed description of materials and methods
– The trials schedule
– Data collection and results analysis
– The sizing and characteristics of the full capacity installation

module pilote
unité pilote ultrafiltration
unité pilote ultrafiltration
unité pilote UF90G