Polymem Ultrafiltration is the ideal pretreatment to desalination or demineralization by nanofiltration or reverse osmosis on spiral wound membranes

Ultrafiltration ensures a warranted SDI (Silt Density Index) removal, thus allowing the best efficiency  for the demineralization or desalination treatment on spiral wound membranes. One can thus work in the field of guarantee of these products with regard to the raw water quality limits required for these membranes.


Warranties of Polymem ultrafiltration

        • Reduced number of spiral membranes required for demineralization or desalination
        • Reduced clogging and replacement frequency of reverse osmosis membranes
        • The average reduction of 10% in the energy consumption of reverse osmosis system
        • The protection and durability of the reverse osmosis system

Modules to be used for desalination and demineralization pretreatment applications: GIGAMEM® range with modules specially designed for seawater or saline water applications.

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