A new water resource !

The municipal and industrial wastewater, once the stages of biodegradation and clarification generally required, can become a new reliable and environmentally friendly source of water.

Polymem Ultrafiltration tertiary treatment (upstream or without an additional step of demineralization or further reduction of organic matter) provides a clarified and disinfected water for reuse or disposal in sensitive areas.

This technology is of course relevant to all areas with water stress, but beyond these areas the membrane treatment also creates a new source of alternative water that can be used for urban uses (washing the road, watering green spaces …) but also for process water in industry (paper mills ….) or agricultural use, recharge of groundwater …

Modules to use for recycling/reuse  of wastewater: GIGAMEM® range, ULTRAMEM range and InOMem range


Some of our references 

Module réutilisation des eaux usées Dillon Polymem
Module recyclage des eaux usées Polymem