Recycle wastewater

The municipal and industrial wastewater, once the stages of biodegradation and clarification generally required, can become a new reliable and environmentally friendly source of water.

Polymem Ultrafiltration tertiary treatment (upstream or without an additional step of demineralization or further reduction of organic matter) provides a clarified and disinfected water for reuse or disposal in sensitive areas.

Modules to use for recycle / reuse wastewater: RANGE ULTRAMEM, GIGAMEM® and InOMem

Some of our references :

 Smith_Snockfood_Polymem_Aquatec_Maxcon  Smith Snackfood, Australia1760 m3/d – Industrial waste water tertiary treatment (UF before RO) for reuse
 Dillon_Polymem  Dillon, Martinique30 m3/d – process water recycling
 Weber_Broutin_Polymem  Weber & Broutin (Saint-Gobin group), France60 m3/d – waste water treatment before release to the environment (UF before RO)

– Syndicat Départemental des Déchets de la Dordogne (France)
60 m3/d – Leachates treatment by ultrafiltration as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis