Ultrafiltration of liquids (especially water) on hollow fiber membranes is widely used worldwide for the performance of the treatment, the compactness of the systems used and the durability of solutions offered in the municipal and industrial sector.

The advantages of hollow fiber membranes can also be exploited for other types of applications and uses.


Polymem, your Hollow Fiber Membranes Partner


  • The “classic” applications of water treatment
    • drinking water production and process water production
    • reuse or recycling of industrial or municipal wastewater
    • pre-treatment for desalination or demineralisation
    • network water security
    • swimming pool water treatment
  • Special conditions of use 
    • mobile units
    • portable / individual devices
    • devices at the point of use
  • New applications for gas/liquid transfer, gas filtration
    • Gas / liquid transfers
      • Oxygenation or Deoxygenation of a liquid
      • Humidification or Dehumidification of a gas
      • Purging air from a liquid
      • Capture or addition of CO2 in a liquid
      • Membrane distillation
    • Gas filtration
      • Separation O2/N2
      • Purification Methane / Biomethane…

A Polymem hollow fiber solution for each application