The range for UltraFiltration and microfiltration custom made modules :

To create products that meet your needs, Polymem®inside offers specific membranes for insertion into housings you can choose: standards, manufactured on demand or from your supply.

Polymem® InsideModule Polymem Inside Empress

To create products answering your needs, Polymem offers specific membranes in standard or custom made cartridges/vessels.



The modules of the Polymem® Inside range are products developed according to the specifications of our partners and distributors and produced in series, under the distributor brand.

From the expression of your need, we assist you in the choice of materials, processes and dimensions to find with you the relevant technical-economic solution.

The possible choices to meet your requirements:


        • Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic
        • Porous or dense
        • Mono or multi materials
        • With or without coating
        • Diameter, thickness…
        • Pore ​​size (UF or MF)
        • Isotropic or asymmetric …


        • Membrane surface
        • Material, geometry and dimensions of housings
        • Potting material and method
        • Connections …





Liquid filtration

  • Bacteriological security of mains water
  • Portable and / or individual water purification solutions
  • Depyrogenation, and other specific retention
  • Treatment of specific liquids / separations

Gas / liquid transfers

  • Oxygenation or Deoxygenation of a liquid
  • Humidification or Dehumidification of a gas
  • Air purge of a liquid
  • Capture or add CO2 to a liquid
  • Membrane distillation

Gas filtration

  • O2 / N2 separation
  • Biomethane purification…



All the capacities of hollow fiber filtration membranes, separation membranes or membrane contactors in a module of your brand :

  • Polymem’s technical assistance to design and manufacture a product adapted to your needs
  • Compliance with specific specifications
  • Production capacity adapted to your series