Customized systems

Modules systeme Polymem

Customized systems can integrate:

Sale or rental of systems for testing (pilot)
To carry out test campaigns and demonstration, Polymem provides for pilot units sale or rental:
- Ultrafiltration
- Nanofiltration
- Reverse Osmosis
- Combinations of these three membrane filtration technologies
- MBR Immem pilots : Polymem provides Immem Pilot units for lab, tests or trials producing from 10 to 100 liters/day treated water.

 Pilote_Polymem_Gigamem_UF240  Pilote_Polymem
 Pilote_Polymem_UF80  Pilote_Polymem_Labo_RO

Units with the range of our InOMem modules
The skids with InOMem range are standard installations, which cover 6 to 30 m3 / h of fluid concentration.

 System_Polymem_tangentiel_UF50  System_Polymem_tangentiel_UF50-1

Units for demineralization or desalination with spiral wound nanofiltration or reverse osmosis membranes.

 Systeme_Polymem_Demineralisation  Systeme_Polymem_Demineralisation_2

” Multi-process ” units: units composed of a low pressure pre-treatment step on hollow fiber membranes (Ultrafiltration or Microfiltration) and hyper filtration on spiral wound membranes (nanofiltration or reverse osmosis).

 System_Polymem_UF100L-16_RO  System_Polymem_UF100L-24_RO