Emergency – Space saving – Limited budget

Ultrafiltration clarifies and disinfects water in a single step. Particles, pollens, parasites, algae, bacteria and even viruses are eliminated. Large organic pollutants and a large proportion of mineral colloids are removed. The mineral salt are preserved.

The Aquamem® compact units are designed for the filtration of natural water in order to produce drinking water, especially in emergency situations, but also for industrial or municipal projects for which financial and/or land resources are limited (compactness and no need for a building).


Mobile production of drinking and process water from fresh water : clarification and disinfection in 1 step

Aquamem®  mobile units equipped with Ultramem or Gigamem ultrafiltration modules type (ACS and NSF approved) are designed to treat natural fresh water (surface water or groundwater). Depending on the required nominal flow, the available space, the required mobility and automation type ; the system will be designed and packaged appropriatly.

Production of drinking water from brackish water or seawater

Brackish or salt water resources can be treated by systems combining ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis for drinking water production. Polymem benefits from a unique know-how for the design of membrane systems coupling hollow fibre membranes for water clarification and spiral membranes for desalination in containerized or specially packaged units.


Application areas

– Armies,
– Base camps,
– Military camps,
– Hospitals, maternities,
– Hotels,
– Campsites,
– Industries (pharmacy, cosmetics, food….)

Modules to be used for the mobile units application: GIGAMEM AND ULTRAMEM module ranges, Aquamem systems and Custom Made Systems.


Some of our references

Module Base vie Total Polymem
Unité mobile Cegelec Polymem Armée Française
Unité pilote Aquatechnique Polymem Imphal
Unité pilote ULTRAMEM Polymem
Module ultrafiltration SDIS_13 Polymem
Unité mobile Cegelec Polymem Rangiroa
Unité pilote ultrafiltration Gigamem Polymem
pilote ultrafiltration Saur