Polymem designs, develops and manufactures with you the hollow fibre solution adapted to your needs

In a partnership framework, Polymem works on the definition of the product based on your specifications. We take care of the design of the hollow fibre (material, dimensions, hydraulic, mechanical, separating characteristics…), the container (material, dimensions, manufacturing method…) and the packing method (material, process…) as well as the implementation process.

We also manage the validation tests as well as the industrialization and series production phases.

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New possible applications with Polymem hollow fibers membranes


Filtration of liquids

Bacteriological protection of network water

Portable and/or individual water purification solutions

Depyrogenation, and other specific retention

Treatment of liquids / specific separations


Gas / liquid transfers

Oxygenation or Deoxygenation of a liquid

Humidification or Dehumidification of a gas

Purging air from a liquid

Capture or addition of CO2 in a liquid

Membrane distillation


Gas filtration

Separation O2/N2

Purification Biomethane…