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The GIGAMEM® module combines all the advantages of module filtration (pressure filtration with easy maintenance and online integrity control) and submerged filtration (replacement of membrane elements only).

Thanks to the GIGAMEM® concept, the costs of investment and operation of modules and systems are very competitive. GIGAMEM® is the most compact module on the market with a maintenance-friendly design: a vessel that remains in place for the life of the plant and removable UF2555 membrane elements.



            • Eco-design: less waste, recyclable for life
            • Interchangeable membrane elements :
              • The housing remains in place
              • Easy monitoring of the membranes; expertise of a UF2555 element
              • Possible replacement element by element
              • Reduced cost of renewal: only the membrane elements are to be replaced at the end of their life
            • Ergonomics of the GIGAMEM® solution
              • Unique processing capacity and compactness: the GIGAMEM module develops high membrane surfaces
              • Reduced investment costs: fewer modules, fewer connectors, fewer connection parts on GIGAMEM® systems allow savings on pipes and frames
              • Optimized maintenance and reduced operating costs : the module vessel no longer has to be moved once installed on site, only the membrane elements are assembled / disassembled on site
            • Treatment capacity and compactness
            • Competitive investment cost for the modules and for the whole system consisting of GIGAMEM®


Gigamem® range is composed of modules working in dead end outside/in filtration mode and offering filtration surfaces of 73 up to 540 m² (786 up to 5,800 ft²).


Gigamem UI-240 UF-240

Gigamem ® UF240

UF240 module is composed of:

1/ a 610 mm (24 inches) diameter vessel

            • stainless steel for fresh water,
            • composite for sea water
            • titanium for chlorinated sea water treatment

2/ 56 membrane bundles (reference UF2555) to offer a filtration surface of  582 m² (6,265 sqf ).

Raw water enters from the bottom of the UF240 module and ultrafiltrated water comes out from the 56 bundle superior faces (upper side).




GIGAMEM® UF80G  module

UF80G module is composed of:

1/ a PVC 225 mm (8 inches) diameter vessel
2/ 7 membrane elements (reference UF2555) to offer a filtration surface of 73 m² (786 sqf).

UF80G module is the ideal candidate for the replacement of older generation ultrafiltration modules (in/out or out/in filtration mode) and for “universal systems”.


            • Drinking water production (NSF and ACS approval) and production of process water from natural water
            • Tertiary wastewater treatment for recycling or reuse
            • Pretreatment to desalination or demineralization
            • Treatment of backwash waters from sand and multimedia filters (collective pool, industry …)

=> In factories from a few m3/h to several hundred m3/h of production capacity
=> In mobile units (containerized)
=> In pilot units


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