Replace for better !

Polymem has material and human resources as well as specific skills and know-how to replace ultrafiltration membranes (all brands).

Polymem offers exclusive benefits:

            • the new generation of membranes using less energy and chemicals ; Neophil®, this membranes being validated and approved for water treatment plants.
            • the most compact and cost effective module concept ; Gigamem® with removable membrane elements in permanent vessels (stainless steel, PA or PVC vessels)

Polymem guarantees

Polymem offers ACS (French Ministry of Health) and NSF ANSI 61 approved solutions for replacement of membrane modules (all brands) which guarantee:

            • At least the required flow, the quality of produced water and the conversion rate
            • An economic gain (energy and chemicals for cleaning)
            • A gain in compactness and / or capacity


Some of our references

Aquamem UF240-48 Remplacmement Eau de Paris Saint Cloud Aquamem UF240-3 rack remplacement