The historical range of Polymem

Ultramem range consists of modules working in dead end outside/in filtration and offering filtration areas from 4.5 to 114m² (48 to 1,230 sqft).


Ultramem range

The Utramem modules operate in Outside/In filtration and are of conventional manufacture (vessel and membranes assembled in a definitive way). They operate in low pressure dead end mode with short chemical cleanings (simple and low cost cleaning agents). Detecting and repairing fiber leaks on one side of the fiber is easy and fast.

            • UF100L : Filtration surface 4,5m² (48 sqf)
            • UF100LL : Filtration surface 7,5 m² (80 sqft)
            • UF80 : Filtration surface 42m² (450 sqft)
            • UF120 : Filtration surface 114m² (1,230 sqft)

All the Ultramem modules are available with Neophil® S2F or Polysulfone S2 membranes.


            • For Point Of Entry residential units (AquamemR)
            • For units of small heights (max 1m high)
            • For mobile units of low capacity (UF100L and UF100LL)



The Ultramem modules range for water treatment have certifications from:

            • NSF ANSI-61 (American Public Health and Safety)
            • ACS (French Ministry of Health)
            • ETV / EPA
            • CDHS

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