The know-how of a membrane manufacturer for maintenance and optimization

        • Optimization of the performances of membrane systems: analysis of operating parameters and recommendations for improving conversion rates, consumption of cleaning products and energy (working on frequencies, durations and modes of backwashes, flushes, chemical cleanings …)
        • Services on membranes facilities (all brands): process optimization, maintenance and replacement of membrane modules


Polymem is at the service of end users, public and industrial plants, engineering firms and equipment manufacturers in France and worldwide for the following services

        • Sizing of membrane water treatment units, choice of the best membranes and modules, definition of operating flows, selection of operating parameters to achieve the project specifications
        • Execution studies, assembly and mounting as well as programming of water treatment units using membranes
        • The assembly of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis modules
        • Commissioning of membrane units
        • Training of operating personnel in the operation and maintenance of membrane units