We manufacture filtration membranes and modules for water, waste water and fluid treatment in Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets.


Our offers for OEM and distributors
Polymem company Manufacturing of a large range of membranes and associated cartridges either standardized or custom designed
- Support for design of easy-to-implement, efficient and cost competitive membrane filtration systems

Our assets
- NSF/ANSI 61 agreement (American Public Health and Security)
- ACS agreement (French Ministry of Health)
- More than 200 installations worldwide

Polymem is an independent company located in Castanet Tolosan (Toulouse) – France. It was founded in 1997 by two engineers specialized in Hollow Fiber Membrane for water treatment purposes.

Polymem has developed the most recent and efficient generation of hollow fiber membranes : polysulfone, polyethersulfone and PVDF hollow fiber. They are assembled in the most compact modules available on the market, working in Outside/In & dead end mode filtration.

Polymem is developing partnerships all over the world for promoting the use of membrane technologies.