Mobile Units

Emergency units / Containerized plants / Mobile trial units

Drinking water production Aquamem® compact units (from UF100LL Aquamem® to UF80/UF120 Aquamem®) are easily containerized, in particular for units used in emergency situation, pilot units for trials but also for projects for which funding and / or land availability are low. Compact mobile Aquamem® units are thus installed without need to construct a building.

Aquamem® units, equipped with 4 to 24 ultrafiltration UF100L modules (ACS and NSFapproved) are designed to treat natural waters (surface water or groundwater).The flow capacity of these systems is dependent on the quality and temperature of raw water, the production range is between 500 l/h and 6,000 l/h. The floor area occupied by these units is between 1 and 3m² for a maximum height of 1.5 m. Higher capacity units, composed of Polymem® UF80 or UF120 modules can be containerized.

Drinking water producing from brackish or sea water
Resources in brackish or sea water can be treated by systems coupling ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis for drinking water production. Polymem has a unique expertise in the design of membrane systems coupling hollow fiber membranes for water clarification and spiral wound membranes for desalination.

Application areas

Mobile Units Armies,
- NGO,
- Life camps,
- Military camps,
- Hospitals,
- Hotels,
- Campsites,
- Industries:

  • pharmacy,
  • cosmetics,
  • food industries…

Modules to be used for mobile units : ULTRAMEM range

Some of our references :

 Base_Vie_TOTAL_Polymem TOTAL, Nigeria – 3 Life camp Units
20, 50 and 120 m³/day – Drinking water production from surface water
 SDIS_13_Polymem Civil Security, France (Marseille) – Emergency Unit
1 000 l/hour – Drinking water production
 Veolia_Polymem Veolia, France – Emergency Unit
20 m³/hour – Drinking water production from surface or underground water
 Armee_Francaise_Polymem_Cegelec French Army – Emergency Unit
(Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis) 1 500 l/h – Drinking water production from fresh or sea water
 Rangiroa_Polymem_Cegelec Police station (Rangiroa), Polynesia
Emergency Unit (Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis)
2m³/hour – Drinking water production from sea water
 Imphal_Polymem_Aquatechnique Imphal village, India – Containerized units
4 units : 120, 240 and 2 x 320 m3/day – Drinking water production from surface water
 Pilote_GIGAMEM_Polymem_Westech  Westech, USA – Pilot unit
25 m³/hour – Drinking water production
 Pilote_GIGAMEM_Polymem_Cameron Cameron, USA – Pilot unit
25 m³/hour – Sea water treatment
 Pilote_ULTRAMEM_Polymem_Saur Saur (France) – Pilot Unit
5-10 m³/hour – Drinking water production
 Pilote_ULTRAMEM_Polymem_Ondeo Ondeo Suez (France) – Pilot Unit
5-10 m³/hour – Reuse